4 Top Outdoor Teppanyaki Grills reviewed | Stand-alone to Griddle Plate

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 13, 2020

Today, there are different ways in which people can prepare their food, from the conventional ovens to the outdoor BBQs and food smokers.

However, it can be a surprise if you don’t know one of these cooking processes—Teppanyaki.

Well, if you have never heard about Teppanyaki, it is Japanese cooking style, which has gained lots of popularity in the western world.

Best outdoor teppanyaki grills

This cooking style requires a Teppanyaki grill, where you can grill your steaks, veggies, bacon, pancakes, eggs, and other things.

One interesting thing when it comes to Teppanyaki cooking is that it’s very fast, and you won’t spend a lot of time on the grill preparing your meal.

However, there is one challenge when it comes to Teppanyaki cooking—choosing the right outdoor Teppanyaki grill.

Having an outdoor Teppanyaki grill means that you don’t need grill indoors anymore.

4 best Teppanyaki outdoor grills reviewed

Here are some of the grills that we have sampled from amazon.com

Best Outdoor Teppanyaki grill plate: Little Griddle GQ230

This is a professional Teppanyaki grill for any outdoor grilling enthusiasts who is always after quality results.

The Little Griddle GQ230 100% Stainless Steel Professional Quality Griddle it the ultimate outdoor Teppanyaki grill, and it is a flagship product of Little Griddle.


The grill is made out of heavy-gauge stainless steel, and its manufacturer has observed the highest standards while developing this grill.

This grill will give you an outdoor grilling experience, and give you a very wide range of grilling possibilities.

Basically, this grill will allow you to grill anything, beginning from vegetables to your favorite meat.

You can easily use it on top of your gas or charcoal grill for a great outside Teppanyaki experience. Or, you can even use it indoors on your gas stove.

Little Griddle has used 100% stainless steel material when manufacturing this grill.

In addition to this, this grill features a grease well, as well as sidewalls to prevent food from spilling as you grill.

Furthermore, the Little Griddle GQ230 100% Stainless Steel Professional Quality Griddle comes equipped with an underside cross-bracing, which is very vital when it comes to even heat distribution.

Here is a Little Griddle being used on an outside barbecue:

The grill’s detachable handles fasten securely to the grill, and they make it easier to move the grill around. In addition, they also make it easier to clean the grill.

You will definitely have fun when cooking on this grill.

In addition to that, you won’t have a hard time when it comes to cleaning this grill, and it will definitely deliver the best grilling results for any outdoor cook.

Notable features:

It’s a professional line Teppanyaki grill and I was amazed at how affordable it is to buy it here.

Best stand-alone Outdoor Teppanyaki grill: Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

You only need to replace your BBQ or grill with the Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station, and you will not regret your decision.

The grill is easy to assemble and to use, which means you will start your grilling in no time.


In addition, using this grill means that you will do away with the need for charcoal, kerosene, and match sticks.

The Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station has an interesting feature—an easy start, push-button ignition, which is battery powered.

Therefore, you only need one simple button push, and you are easy to go.

This grill will take all your stress from outdoor cooking, and allow you to spend most of your time having fun outdoors.


Notable features:

It’s still very affordable and most of all durable, check out the latest prices here on Amazon

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Best portable outdoor Teppanyaki grill: Blackstone 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

This is one of the Teppanyaki grills that you can use in any occasion. In addition to this, it is the ideal outdoor Teppanyaki grill, which can be used while camping, tailgating, or out there in the wilderness.

This grill heats up very fast and can produce up to 12,000 BTUs of heat, which make the grill perfect for grilling almost anything, regardless of the location and time.


From hot dogs and burgers, to stir fry, steaks, and bacon, the Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle will make all your grilling dreams come true.

One notable thing about this grill is its “H” shaped burner, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the entire grill.

If you want to impress your family and friends with mouthwatering meals, then get a Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle today.

This grill will allow you to grill effortlessly, regardless of your location.

Notable features:

Check out the latest prices on Amazon

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George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

Are you hosting a BBQ party for your family or friends? Then you don’t have to worry at all.

The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill has a large cooking surface, which can allow you to grill up to 15 servings of meats, kabobs, desserts, and even vegetables.

In addition to this, the grill is ideal for grilling outdoors, as well as indoors.

Now, it isn’t the most traditional Teppanyaki grill, not at all actually.

But it’s very affordable and easy to use, and if you don’t want to make Teppanyaki all of the time and sometimes just have a BBQ outside, this might be a good buying option.


This all can happen because of the grill’s removable grill stands, which is sturdy while grilling on your patio, and you can also remove it in the event you want to grill on your countertop.

When you add the detachable grill plate, as well as the grease-removing slope, you will have the power to grill your favorite delicacies, and then clean the grill very easily afterward.

Notable features:

Get it here on Amazon

Bottom Line

These are some of the best outdoor Teppanyaki grills that you can find in amazon.com.

However, there are some other essential things that you should also look out for like the size of the grill and portability of the grill before buying it.

In addition to this, you should also consider the number of people you shall be preparing food for this grill.

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